Information on Panchakarma Treatment

The patient after careful examination by the doctor will be advised for panchakarma treatment in the inpatient section of the hospital.


Elegant room with two beds, colour TV, Mineral water facility, fridge and attached bath room. Air conditioner requirement as per the patient's need.


After thorough investigations and examinations by the physician, type of treatment is decided. It may be either doing panchakarma along with medicines or only by internal medicines. Treatment will continue upto to 2-4 weeks which depends upon patient's conditions. In order to confirm the room, the patients are requested to contact the phone 0091-9488341852 or e-mail.
Spot admission is not allowed is the hopsital. At the time of admission, the patient has to provide their address, phone number, contact number in the office on admission.


South Indian vegetarian meals will be provided.
This food appreciated by patients, but some are not satisfied.
Since it is a small village it is difficult to provide a variety of food for all. Those who want very personalized meal, can cook by bringing required utensils etc, including LPG. Purified mineral water will be provided in the campus.
Approximate food expense for a person including breakfast, lunch and dinner will be around Rs.100/- per day.
If the patient requires fruits, corn flake, etc., that will be provided. But they will have to pay for the same.


Approximate expenditure for three weeks will be around Rs. 45,000/- (Treatment charges, medicines, doctor's fee and 1 month take home medicines). Room charges not included.
Car, Taxi charges, Lab investigations charges are extra.
On the day of admission an advance amount of Rs 10,000/- should be paid.
Foreigners are requested to pay only in Indian Money (Rupees).
Cheques, Travelers cheques are not accepted.
There is ATM facility in a nearby village (2 Kms from our village).


On the first day itself the patients are requested to have a thorough discussion about expenditure regarding food, accommodation, physiotherapy, total bill etc.
A bystander is usually needed for every patient.
Any patient who is coming alone may not be admitted.
Male masseurs will do massage for male patients and female messieurs will do massage for female patients.
Discharge summary will be provided to every patient at the time of discharge.
Duty doctor will come and take rounds 2 times a day.
Patients are requested to bring their personal medicines they are taking, vessels, torch light, flask, books, tape recorder etc, as per their needs.
Internet facilities are available in the hospital campus.
There will be general a phone in the hospital ward where patients are admitted. The number is 04652 – 281584.
Most of the insurance companies are not covering the expenses for ayurvedic treatment. This is also for your kind information. So don't come and get admitted with the hope of having insurance. you may inform your insurance company.
Panchakarma will not be done for women during their menstrual periods.
Procedures like oil massage and nasya are not done during heavy rain.
All the diseases are not curable by Ayurveda. Even Ayurveda can produce adverse effect in some cases. Idiosyncrasy of drugs are recorded. Certain diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Myopathy, Motor Neuron Disease are difficult to cure even thorough Ayurveda.
You may have to go to Nagercoil town, which is 13 kms away from Derisanamcope village to meet super specialty physicians if needed and to take investigations like scans. Scan facility is not available in our hospital.

Dress code

Any dress that covers the whole body is very good. Churidhar is ideal for women. Pant and full t-shirt is also ok. Kurtha, Veshti, Shirt is also acceptable. People should be careful that they should not expose private parts.

Patient Discharge

Patients are requested to inform the duty doctors the probable time of departure on the day, after approved by the Medical Consultant. After discharge, patients shall not buy any medicine from the pharmacy or avail the food and beverage facilities on credit as it will not be possible to include those charges in the final bill once the accounts are settled. Patients are advised to collect their discharge summaries from duty doctor before leaving the hospital.


The hospital is always glad to receive visitors who come to see the patients. Visitors keep the patients spirits up, and that is important to the recovery as medication, therapy and bed rest. Visitors are allowed to see the patient between 9 am to 8 pm. Visitors will not be permitted beyond visiting hours (after 8 pm). After the visiting hours, security staff or duty doctor will go around the hospital and advise all the overstaying visitors to leave the hospital. Visitors are advised to leave the room while the patients are receiving care from Doctor / Nurse.


The patients bystander should wash the clothes and help the patient.

Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and use of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.


Relatives and guests of the pateint are requested to maintain absolute silence within the hospital premises for the peace and tranquility.

Conserve Water and Electricity

Patients must note that the hospital has limited sanctioned capacity of water and electricity. Therefore in their own interest, patients and their relatives are requested to conserve them economically.

Avoid Display of Valuable

Patients are advised to keep their belongings like cell phone, watches, purses, gold chains, etc., with them at all times and not to leave them exposed on tables, beds, wash basins, etc., This will help to avoid loss and inconvenience to all. The hospital will not be responsible in the event of any loss.

Suggestions and Complaints

The hospital welcomes meaningful (constructive) complaints and suggestions from patients, relatives, visitors and well wishers for improving the service of the hospital.
Dr.L. Mahadevan has a practice in Chennai and visits periodically. He may not be present throughout your stay during your admission in the hospital. The treatment will be decided by him and executed by his well trained juniors. He will spend time with the patients whenever he is available in the center.

  • Doctors on call
  • Ample car parking
  • Good Security
  • Car rentals


Following diseases have poor prognosis i.e., they are incurable diseases (based on our experience)

  • Motor Neuron Disease (MND)
  • Myopathy
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)
  • Down syndrome
  • Parkinson plus
  • Progressive supranuclear palsy
  • Cerebellar ataxia
Instruction to Foreign Patients / NRI Patients / North Indian Patients.
  1. Our hospital is not a spa. We treat complicated cases. We cannot offer abhyanga, or oil massage based on the patient demand.
  2. We give simple south Indian vegetarian food only. We will give kanji (Yavagu) with green gram. If needed Chappati can be prepared. No kitchadi or Prakruti based food is given. We do not have facilities to do the same. For people who studied Ayurveda in western countries and for rich people.
  3. We give mineral water. We change beds spread once in 3 days only. The water available for bath here is very very hard water, so we have difficulties to clean.
  4. Dr. L. Mahadevan cannot come for rounds every day. Senior experienced doctor with 15 years experience who are with Dr. L. Mahadevan are given responsibility to take rounds.
  5. They will discuss with Dr. L. Mahadevan and treat. First prescription and diagnosis will be made by Dr. L. Mahadevan.
Special Notes
  • Ayurveda also have certain side effects. Many of the raw drugs are purchased. Fresh herbs are collected. In Patients with auto immune disorders some of the drugs trigger, the disease. For example manifestations of auto immune hepatitis in RA patients, etc. This was documented in our hospital, but it is rare phenomena. In order not to miss this we take regular blood tests.
  • Those who want pure Ayurveda, we will give pure Ayurveda. Those who are interested to do modern blood test and investigations we will do so. If you give the freedom to us, we would like to do integrated approach only, so that we do not miss anything. This style is based on my experience in last 22 years, after treating 6 to 7 Lakh cases.
  • The hospital runs by quality of diagnosis, medicines and medical services. Our inpatient service is not as great as star hotels or spas or any other ayurvedic tourist centres. Our main customer is sick people only.

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