Dr. B. Vaidyanathan

Dr. B. Vaidyanathan


A legend in Ayurveda

(Dr. L. Mahadevan's teacher and guide)

Dr. B. Vaidyanathan, a versatile scholar in Sanskrit and the Vedas, was born in 1928, started his Ayurvedic career after studying Yajurveda, and Rigveda. In 1944 he completed Ayurveda Siromani and Vaidya Visharada. In 1951 he completed Ayurveda Acharya. Then he worked in the school of Indian Medicine in Dravyaguna Department. He was appointed as a Research Officer by CCIM in Tanjore Literary Research Institute (Saraswathy Mahal). There he edited Kashyapasamhita. Then he worked in IMPCOPS (Indian Medical Practitioners Co-Operative Pharmacy and Stores), Chennai as secretary for 30 years. During his tenure he mechanized the whole process of production, standardization and distribution including Rasa preparations. He practiced for more than 50 years with Rasa preparations. He was formerly the principal of Venkatramana Ayurveda College, Chennai. He was a senate member in Dr.MGR Medical University - Faculty of Ayurveda. He was a member of the Controversial Drug Committee, Single Drug Identification Committee and Ayurvedic Formulary, Government of India, New Delhi. He was the advisor to the Maharishi International Institute of Vedic Sciences and Ayurveda, California. He was the Director of Indian Pharmaceutical Corporation, Government of India, New Delhi. He was also an advisor to TTK pharmaceuticals, Malladi Drug Company, and Capri Laboratories, and a visiting professor in Krishnamachari Yoga Mandiram and Balamandiram Research foundation. He has contributed a lot for Ayurvedic literature in the form of books among which Vaidya Yoga Ratnavali, Siddha Pharmacopoea, Unani Pharmacopoea and Roga Dosha Oushadam Nirupanam are popular. His philosophical Interpretation of Sakuntalam got Samskrita Academy Award.

During his tenure in Chennai, Dr. Mahadevan got the golden opportunity to study the Sastras and the Rasa style of treatment under the guidance of Dr. Vaidyanathan. Dr. Vaidyanathan impressed Mahadevan in each and every stage of his study and Dr.Mahadevan feels that it is only because of Poojya Sri Dr.Vaidyanathan's training, he is able to flourish in clinical and academic aspects of the science.

Dr. Vaidyanathan's treatment was very much based on the fundamental principles of Ayurvedic science, which was not diluted or compromised at any level. He treated multidimensional health problems. He has formulated certain combinations for infertility, which he used with great success in his practice. Even in his old age he made his own medicines for his patients. Ayurveda was a living experience for this Mahatma who lived ayurvedically.

Dr. Vaidyanathan belonged to the old tradition of vaidyas with awareness of current day health problem. He is kind, lovable and knowledgeable. Above all he is a perfect gentleman. Mahadevan recognizes Dr. Vaidyanathan as a legend of Ayurvedic medicine and his knowledge as a living encyclopedia of the ancient art of healing.

He also belongs to a great family of Carnatic musicians and he himself is a great vocalist. He can render more than 200 compositions. His training in the vedas is full fledged in the traditional vedadyayana form. Dr. Sri Vaidyanathan passed away in February 4th 2001.

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